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Self Titled Studio Sessions - VIDEO

Hey Folks. Last year we released our Self Titled Album. You can listen to it in it's entirity via the youtube video below. The music is set to video from the studio sessions at MixArt Studios in Montreal Quebec, Canada. It was filmed and edited by me (Ross), which is why I'm barely in it. The price of being DIY!





'the WANDAS' selected as 1 of the best albums of 2011 by

Happy New Year all,

It's been a great 2011 and we're looking forward to keeping the momentum going into 2012. We're off to a good start as we're still getting some recognition off of our latest release; our self titled album.

Ryan's Smashing Life ( has selected "the WANDAS" as one of the best albums of 2011. Feel free to snag a digital copy, CD, or vinyl from the online store if you haven't grabbed yet.

Here's an excerpt from the review. You can read the entire article here:

ONE OF THE COUNTRY'S BEST LIVE SHOWS - The Wandas' long awaited self-titled record was released - and was immediately celebrated by fans who were clamoring for new material that more accurately reflected the band's often epic live shows. (Mission accomplished.)

You can read the entire article here:




the WANDAS nominated for best Pop Rock act of 2011 by Boston Music Awards

We're pleased to announce that the nomination committee at the Boston Music Awards has selected the WANDAS as one of 5 bands in the best Pop Rock band of 2011. It's always nice to see some hometown love. Voting is open to the public until November 9th. Click here to cast your vote.