First Night

O.k. so we've seen in the past we're not big fans of moderation. Last night was no exception. After getting settled in we decided to take in some of the Montreal night life. We got to the first bar on Peel St. around 10:30pm. Obviously we can't go ten feet without bumping into a high-fiving Red Sox fan. Everyone in Red Sox nation is in good spirits. Looking for a change of scenery we decide to check out another bar around 11:30.

Not everyone was in as good of spirits here. While we were in line for the coat check, there is the standard- guy who has had too much to drink and is in limbo between leaving on his own and being kicked out.  He's standing at the top of the stairs and the bouncers are not going to let him get past the entrance way. All he wants to do is "talk to his friends" who are at the bar, but can't put two sentences together. At this point his friends come out to meet him and the bouncers are backing them down the stairs.

The three friends are standing halfway down the stairway and the leader of the pack is still standing his ground at the top of the 20-stair staircase. After about 10 minutes of this charade, the bouncers have seen enough. I whip my head around to what just sounded like someone throwing a bag of bowling balls down a stairwell. The bouncer had picked the one guy up and threw him down the stairs where he hit his three friends and they all rolled to the bottom for a perfect strike. Brent looked at me and said "this is my type of place, let's get a drink".

We stayed at this bar for another hour and then headed over to "Pistol" on St. Laurent to meet up with Patrick. George (The Dears drummer) was sitting right by door and saw us walk in. He had no idea we were in Montreal so it was quite a surprise for him to see us walking into his local bar. Soon after, Patrick showed up sporting his finest playoff beard. Andre (Bassist for Krief) Oliver (Bassist for The Stills) and a bunch of other friends were there as well. We all stayed until the place closed down around 3am.chipper.jpg

Patrick took us to a friend's apartment where we hung out until about 6am. We took a cab back to the hotel and called it a night; a morning? I woke up to Brent's cell phone alarm blaring that he had tactfully set for 8am. Off to the studio to mix.

Rock & Roll