Studio - Day 5

I ended up getting a good night sleep last night because I wasn't tracking any bass after midnight. Keith, Patrick and Joe (the lead engineer) had a late night (6:00am) tracking a ton of guitars. Keith and Brent got a bunch of stuff done for about 3-4 of the tracks

Today we're doing a bit more of the same. Keith an brent are plowing through guitar takes. Everything is sounding "amazing" as Patrick would say. This album is considerably more mellow, however the songs have great feel and soul. "Lose You" is shaping up to be an epic song. Patrick put together an unbelievable guitar tone for Brent, and Brent definitely delivered the goods on the performance

We've got a lot done, but there is a lot more to do. I'm definitely looking forward to turning the corner, when you can see all of the songs coming into their own.

In other news, I've gotten completely sidetracked with "Mike Tyson's Punch Out". It's really amazing to me that even after not playing this game for about 20 years, all of the players and idiosyncrasies come right back to me; like riding a bike. This game without a doubt brings back more childhood memories, than any other game.

Until Tomorrow