Studio - Day 9

Last night was a fun time. Brent cranked through his harmonies. We were joking about how over time Keith and Brent's voices have grown into the perfect compliment for each other.

Getting the bulk of the work behind us, we started trying some extra guitar and vocal parts. Things are definitely moving along nicely. During some downtime Brent and Patrick compared notes on the martial arts.

(Patrick & Brent exchange martial arts moves)

Today, we had a guest female vocalist perform a part on one of the songs. She did a great job and it fills out the song very well.

Patrick spent a bunch of time today writing string and horn arrangements for when we have the guest musicians record next week. We have a vocal track left for one song. After that, we'll be layering all of the extras tomorrow and next week.


(Keith tunes up while Joe (lead engineer) admires.)

Until Tomorrow,


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I beat Mike Tyson's Punch Out!