Jacksonville, FL

When you're playing different cities and venues every night you end up looking forward to different aspects of the night. Perhaps it's a new place that you've heard good things about, a place you've enjoyed playing before, a big room, a small room, etc. It's all about the experience.

I must admit I was really looking forward to our show in Jacksonville, FL. It was this time on the last tour we were rolling into Florida for our last show of the tour. We met up with some old friends and met some great new people. So, it's no surprise we were looking forward to seeing everyone again. Not to mention, Jack Rabbits is a great place to play.

theWANDAS @ Jack Rabbit's in Jacksonville, FL - Photo Credit: Trey Andrews

Again we played with 2 new bands, and an acoustic act who were great on stage and super friendly off stage. We played a fun set and were able to catch up with the old friends and make plenty of new ones. It was great seeing Trey and Mallory from Longfellow Street, a great band we played with last time. We stayed with my old friend Jay and his girlfriend Claudia who are far too kind to us. They let us stay at their place, made us a wonderful meal and introduced a bunch of their friends to theWANDAS all in one night!

After the show we piled out to the bus and gave everyone a sample of Rhode Island's finest, Narragansett beer and proceeded to take our now quarterly Jack Rabbit's parking lot party photo.

Jack Rabbit's parking lot. Rolling party

We went back to Jay and Claudia's  place where we had a great time with all of their friends. It looks like some of that North Carolina moonshine mysteriously made to Jacksonville, FL after all.