Off to the races. Let the recording begin!

A lot of people say that growing as band is a marathon not a sprint. I prefer to think of it like a series of impromptu sprints with no defined beginning or end. Sometimes you just have to run like crazy and hope that your body doesn't give out before the race ends. We're at one of those sprints right now.

Recording Engineer Joe Saliba setting up Will's Drums at Mixart Studios. Montreal Quebec

We departed early tuesday morning to the only place colder than Boston, MA right now; Montreal Canada. our target departure time was 8am. We hit the road by 11am; not bad for musicians. This was actually pretty good considering Will was stuck in traffic for an extra hour and a half and Joe (our engineer we brought with us to Canada) was passed out asleep in a sound proof room at another studio he works at in Boston with no cell phone on him. After banging on the locked door for about an hour trying different knocking techniques, we found someone who had a key who could let us in to wake him up.

After we packed up we were northern bound. Considering we almost were without a drummer or a recording engineer we were feeling pretty good to be approaching the border. We were traveling in two cars. Myself, Keith and Joe made up the first and Brent and Will made up the second car. Of course we got separated at the first stop light in Boston. Not to worry we'd follow the GPS and reconvene about 15 minutes before we hit the border. That would have been a perfect plan if the two GPS systems didn't send us different routes and have us cross the border 100 miles away from each other. This whole morning was feeling very Spinal Tap-ish. This all made for some great stories while crossing the border. We all know that border patrol are notorious for their good sense of humor....

Producer Patrick Krief working the board at Mixart Studios. Montreal Quebec

Anyway, we made it up in one piece and started loading stuff into the studio last night. We continued into today and are getting the studio setup to start recording. We'll keep you posted as things progress.