theWANDAS Live Recording at Ralph's - Huge Success!

We want to thank everyone who made last Saturday's live video & audio recording at Ralph's in Worcester, MA such a giant success. The venue was sold out and by far the most packed I've ever seen the place. It was great seeing so many enthusiastic fans in one place.


theWANDAS live recording at Ralph's, Worcester MA. Photo Credit: Jim Kusz

From what I've briefly seen, the video looks great. The film crew did a bang up job. We can't wait to share the end product with you. It's going to a take a bit to sort through and edit down so bear with us; hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Thanks again for Ralph's and their great staff for letting us have our run of the place for the night; we couldn't have done it without their help. Thanks to Hard No. 9 and Matt Benoit for sharing the night with us and putting on great performances.

Here's an article in the Worcester Magazine that ran, leading up to the event.