On the Road - 2 Weeks in

It's been a whirlwind of a couple months. With the release of our new album and prepping for 2+ months on the road it's hard to find time in the day to do anything; before you know it you've played 14 gigs in a row and are in the middle of Idaho. This is our most ambitious tour yet. We're playing almost 50 shows in under 10 weeks across 15,000 miles of the U.S.

In the last 2 weeks we've had one day off without a show, but made up for it on one day when we played 3 full concerts between Madison, WI and Dubuque, IA. The first 2 weeks on the tour brought us to some familiar spots like Cleveland, Indianapolis and Chicago, but it's the new places that always keep you wondering what's next. 

A tight Squeeze in Cleveland, OH

We left Chicago after we played so we could make it to Madison, WI where our RV was being wrapped at 8am the following morning. This way we could arrive, park, and catch a few hours of sleep beforehand. We pulled into the parking lot and got some winks at around 3:45am. The friendly neighbors looking after the empty parking lot next door to them were nice enough to call the police to give us an early wakeup call at 4am. Maybe they were nervous we'd sleep through our 8am wakeup time. Those 15 minutes of sleep were very refreshing!


Writeup in a local Louisville KY paper for our show that night.That morning we made our way to Milwaukee, WI for the first time and played a great sounding room called Club Garibaldi. The next morning it was off to Madison to meet some of our friends at Lands' End Canvas in person and pick up some new threads. The next morning we performed at their corporate headquarters in the morning and afternoon and then it was on the Dubuque IA that night. 

A warm welcome at Lands' End Canvas headquarters

The next show was another new city for us; Kansas City, MO. A really nice city and an awesome venue called Crosstown Station. Unfortunately the venue was closing down at the end of the week and being reopened as a Church. We're happy we got to play it at least once.Our RV parked outside Crosstown Station in Kansas City, MO

Following Kansas City, was suppose to be quick 2.5 hour jaunt to Lincoln, NE which ended up taking 6 hours due to some major detours on the main interstate highways. Keeping with our new city run, we had a blast. Our friend Damian from Whiskey Project was there and showed us an amazing time.

10 Miles outside of Dodgeville, WI.

Next on the list was our first of back to back to back marathon drives. We drove straight from Lincoln, NE through the night to Denver CO where we played at Quioxtie's True Blue. To say this was a Grateful Dead bar, would be an understatement. I think we were the only 4 people without Jerry Garcia tattoos. We played with Shakedown Street; an excellent Dead cover band and jammed the rest of the night away. We saw some old friends and met some new fans. It was an awesome time. The only downside was the 14 hour drive to Boise, ID that we had to depart for right after the show.

We're about 1 hour from Boise as I type this and we are certainly looking forward to another new city before we hit Seattle where our music licensing company, Audiosocket is putting on an awesome Octoberfest that we're performing at.

We'll see you in your city soon!