Dunkin Donuts Distributes Choking Hazard : FREE DONUTS!

Apparently Dunkin Donuts was either giving away or selling glow sticks which posed a choking hazard. As a result they are recalling them.

The compensation for bringing back one of these deadly glow sticks; a free donut! I saw this notice on the counter at Dunkin Donuts yesterday. Looks like something out of The Office

Q: What do I do when a consumer returns a glow stick?

A: Take the glow stick and give the consumer a free donut. Place the glow stick in the area designated by the manager to be returned to coroporate.

Q: What if a consumer comes in asking for a free donut claiming that they discarded their glow stick?

A: Refer the consumer to the consumer Care Line at (800) 859-5339.