Tomorrow morning we'll be heading up to visit our neighbors to the north. Canada here we come. We're going to Montreal Quebec to meet up with our Producer Patrick Krief and our mixer Clement Goulet. The plan is to meet up with Patrick and Clement in Montreal Friday night to catch up and have a few drinks. Both Patrick and Clement will be working on their own sessions during the day on Friday. Patrick is busy recording a new album with The Dears. It would be awesome to catch a glimpse of what they're working on, but that may be a long shot.

We'll be spending all day Saturday at the Clement Goulet Mansion, mixing the last bits of our EP. We'll pack everything in on Sunday and hopefully be heading back home to the good ole' U.S. of A. with a finished EP. We haven't committed to the final name of the EP, but we're 90% settled on an idea.

I'm going to be keeping a log of everything that happens during our trip. I plan on making at least one blog entry a day, if not more. So be on the look out for some news, updates, and hopefully some photos of our time over the border.