Somewhere in PA

Yesterday we had a day off. This was crucial for two reasons.

1.) We only got a couple hours of sleep the night before and

2.) We were running out of clean clothes.

'Clean' of course is a relative term. I have 2 pairs of pants for 60 days, so technically our clothes are just different levels of drity. Yesterday we were starting to tip the scales in the very dirty direction. It didn't help that Will brought more dirty clothes than clean clothes with him on tour. He's the only guy I know who is using tour to catch up on his house-keeping.

Keith busting out the last of his wardrobe for laundry day

After strolling around PA in our Sunday's best we settled in on a quaint laundry mat and cleaned up our wardrobe. After that we hung out in the bus, watched the Wilco documentary (for the 100th time) and went to bed early.

Good night.