Nashville, TN

Heading out on the tour we didn't think we'd be able to hit Nashville, TN this round. A couple weeks into the tour we got an offer to play The Mercy lounge in Nashville, TN. The night is called "8 of 8th" where they feature 8 bands (The Mercy Lounge is off off 8th ave) who come from around the world (literally) to showcase a few songs at one of Nashville's best venues. We jumped on the road from Atlanta and made our way up to Nashville. 

The Mercy Lounge - Nashville, TN

We got into town a day early because we had the next day off. That night we strolled around town looking to experience some of the Nashville nightlife. We walked into an unassuming stone building called The Station Inn. We were expecting to be about 5 people at the bar given it was a Sunday night at 10pm. Boy were we wrong.

We walked in to about 150 people from the ages of 21-80 years old all sitting in long tables like a cafeteria and mis matched smaller tables around the perimeter. After some further investigation we realized the venue was a classic bluegrass joint where several legends had played, along with up and coming acts.

Every Sunday night they host an open bluegrass jam session where people just come and go with their guitars, banjos, mandolins, etc, join in the circle and rock out some great bluegrass tunes. We definitely got a taste of Nashville and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Bluegrass Jam at The Station Inn - Nashville, TN

The next day we took a trip to Grimey's records which is home to several classic and rare albums. Keith picked up a live double disc of The Dears at The Paradise Rock Club from 2005- a show that we were in attendance for.

Grimey's Records - Nashville, TN

That night was the show. The venue was packed with great talent and we made a bunch of new friends. We were happy to be added onto the night last minute and definitely want to go back to Nashville. We're on the way to New Orleans right now; another first for us.