Austin, Dallas, San Antonio - The Texas 3 Step

After we left New Orleans, we headed to Texas. We made a stop in Houston to hang with an old friend from Boston who has since moved to TX. It's always nice to spend some time in a home that does not have wheels on it. We had some good laughs, caught up on the current times and finally got to play The Beatles Rock Band, which is pretty cool I must say.

We headed to Austin after our temporary stay in Houston. Austin is a great music city. The streets are filled with live music venues and bands from all over the world performing at them. The city itself reminds me a little of New Orleans with not as much Honky Tonk. The streets are blocked off allowing pedestrians to roam freely. There are bars and food vendors everywhere. We played at a venue called Beauty Bar. It was a hip spot with a decor of an old beauty parlor; complete with old school cushy chair-hair-dryer combos. After the bands played the place turned into a dance night reminding me of The Pill at Great Scott back in Boston, MA.

theWANDAS Pre Show Stage Setup. Trees, Dallas TX

The next morning we headed north to Dallas Texas. We were playing at a venue called Trees. This place was top notch. The sound guy was reminiscing about Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain getting into a fight on the same stage we were setting up on. Very cool history. We were playing with a very solid lineup; Ryan Edgar, Dovetail, and the guys who hooked us up with the show, Odis. Those guys are an awesome band and great group of guys. It was a blast sharing the stage with them and getting to know them after the show. We even had a late night acoustic Beatles jam session at the after party. Good times.

Late Night Jam Session w/ Odis & theWANDAS

Our final stop in Texas was the home of the Alamo; San Antonio. We were playing at Jack's a fun place oddly reminding me of Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville FL; must be something in the name. We were playing with San Antionio's home town favorites; Train Wreck. These guys put on a great show. They played a blistering 2 hour set and had the crowd was eating up every second of it.

theWANDAS, Train Wreck, & New Fans. Jacks, San Antonio, TX

After the show I think we set the record for the bus capacity. After midnight that thing turns into a clown car. Somehow it fits unlimited people.

San Antonio Texas, Partying in the Bus. Spreading the Narragansett love.

We've got the next couple days off, as we make our way through the desert to Phoenix AZ. We've got plenty of water; we'll catch up with you in a couple days.

Remember the Alamo!