Phoenix, AZ

For those of you following at home I apologize for not posting something everyday. We're traveling some vast areas and we're doing a lot of driving. While I may sneak in the occasional text, I'm not ready to full-blown blog while driving a 27 foot vehicle. So I'll have to do my best to summarize when I get the chance to type.

Yesterday we arrived in Phoenix, AZ after a couple days of traveling though the desert. We saw some beautiful sites; mountainous roads, cacti, sand storms, we even drove right by the Mexican border where we could see Texas on one side and Mexico on the other. At one point we had to pull over at a rest stop just to snap a group photo because the sunset was so breath taking.

Benson, AZ Rest stop

We were planning on staying at Linda's (one of Brent's family friends) home in Phoenix. We had a special surprise for Brent. His dad and step mom decided to take a flight out to Phoenix to catch our show and stay with their friend as well. When we got to Linda's Brent's dad and step mom were hiding and popped out to give brent quite the pleasant surprise.

The next afternoon we ate at Alice Cooper's baseball/rock & roll themed restaurant; Cooper's Town "Where Jocks meet Rock". I'd say the motto held up. They had everything from entrees named after athletes and musicians to the staff wearing the signature Alice Copper eye makeup.

After Will and I took a lengthy walk around Phoenix and Keith took a lengthy siesta we made our way over to the Lost Leaf; the venue where we were performing. The venue is a really cool bar that doubles as an art gallery. The space is actually owned by several artists and they give back a lot to the art community. On top of all that, they have one of the best beer selections; over 150 bottled beers. The show was really fun. We played to a lively crowd complete with front row dancers. Our time in AZ was awesome. Special thanks to Linda for all of her hospitality.

Arizona Skyline

We're half way through our tour and we have a few days off. We decided to make our way up to the Grand Canyon today to see some sites. Then we're doing what any self respectable band would when they have time off; VEGAS BABY! We'll be spending Halloween in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada with our friend and Producer Patrick Krief. If you don't hear back from us we either hit it big or lost it all.