Northampton, MA

After a stellar show in Boston, we were looking forward to playing The Elevens in Northampton, MA. Northampton is a beautiful little city in Western, MA. One of my favorite places to visit. If you've never been, I'd highly recommend it. Bustling with friendly people, eclectic arts and a world class food selection.

We arrived plenty early and were met with our normal hardest task of the day; where do you park a 27 foot vehicle in the heart of a city? Well, after a couple loops in the rain we were able to get a spot only a block a way. After settling in we sat back and enjoyed the first 2 acts. The show was a fundraiser for a new Northampton-based record label called Sonic Strawberries. Not surprising, all of the bands and bar staff were very friendly; a staple Northampton personality trait.

Long view of the bus. Keith working on the computer. It's not all rock & roll all the time.

The show went well. We made some new friends and made our way back to our home on wheels for the night. The next morning we spent some time taking in the Northampton scenery and ate at my favorite burrito joint of all time - Bueno y Sanyo. After filling our stomachs we did the next few days of  grocery shopping. A very important money saver when on tour. Grocery shopping on a full stomach. You're always better off running out of food, after all you can always drink beer if you're hungry.

We just arrived in NYC, by far the hardest place to maneuver the bus but at this point I think we're getting used to it. We're getting ready for our show at Arlene's Grocery. Until next time.