Portland, OR

After having such an amazing run in California, it was hard to imagine what Portland, OR would bring. This was the furthest northwest, any of us have ever traveled. The trip from San Francisco, CA to Portland, OR was lovely; rolling mountains, wildlife, the great outdoors.

When we arrived at Kelly's Olympian in Portland we were continuing on our hot streak of great parking spots and snagged one big enough for the bus right in front of the club. After looking up, we saw our name on the marquee; another positive because you know we're actually playing at the venue.

Kelly's Olympian - Portland, OR.

I could be mistaken but with the bar being established in 1902, this was the oldest bar we've ever played at. The place had lively fluorescent signage and a great live room complete with high ceilings and sound dampeners on the walls.

Kelly's Olympian - Stage - Portland Oregon

We were sandwiched in between two other awesome Portland acts; Dr. Helicopter and And, And, And (that's 3 'ands' for you following at home, sorry if my writing is confusing). They were nice enough to let us share the night with them and put us in front of a great crowd.

The night wasn't only great for a monday night; it was great for any night. Now on to Seattle, WA!