Seattle, WA

Going into the tour we didn't have a set date for a Seattle show. However, since we were going all the way up to Portland, OR and we have never been to Seattle we weren't going to be stopped. We got invited to play an extended set in a local open mic show, where we could essentially take up two slots in the middle of the night; some great Northwestern hospitality for the Northeastern band.

Given the spirit of the open mic night, we decided to change up the pace a little bit and just have Brent & Keith do some songs acoustically. They played 4 songs from our tour set and 1 brand new one that hasn't been played live yet.

It was a really nice change of pace and we still met a lot of people and made a bunch of new fans. Check out the video below of Please Come Home, acousitc, live at The Skylark Cafe & Club.