Tour - Day 8 - Brooklyn, NY

NYC Skyline from the bus

We pulled into Brooklyn around 5pm yesterday, hassle free. This gave us plenty of time to relax and walk around before the show. We always love playing in brooklyn. It's such a fun city and we have a lot of friends in the area. We went on at 11pm which was a perfect slot; just before local act Quiet Loudly. After we played, Ross, Keith, Will & Danielle  went out on the town with some old friends. Brent stayed behind to rest up because he has been feeling a bit under the weather.

theWANDAS at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn NY

It was a perfect night. Great music, good friends, beautiful weather and a lot of laughs. We didn't even get any parking tickets! The trip was capped off when we bumped into Nels Cline from Wilco this afternoon. Will chatted with him for a bit about is guitar playing and we were off.

It's off to Danbury CT tonight!