Tour - Day 16 - Charlotte NC

It's was tough leaving Athens yesterday after having such a great time. It would have been nice to see the city a bit more; nonetheless Charlotte was calling our name. Danielle has a friend who lives in Charlotte so we were looking forward to spending some time in a house too. The weather keeps getting better everywhere we go. Things are really going great.

We pulled up to Snug Harbor, a cool neighborhood bar with a pirate vibe; totally awesome. Once again, everyone in the south has been extremely friendly. They welcomed us, got us loaded in and gave us a sound check. The sound guy did a great job. He was really on top of his game.

theWANDAS at Snug Harbor in Charlotte NC

Keith was wrestling with a soar throat and some allergies for most of the day so things were a little iffy going into the set, but once we got on stage all of the ailments were wiped away. It was great hearing shouts of encouragement from the new crowd throughout the set. It was an awesome time all around. We definitely want to go back.

theWANDAS at Snug Harbor in Charlotte NC

We were playing with one other band, who is really popular in Charlotte: Bruce Hazel and Some Volunteers. They were a vibrant 7 piece band (usually 8 but they were missing their trombone player). They had a great sound reminiscent of The Boss & Joe Cocker. They brought in a great crowd who they had captivated from the first song. It was great because they were really receptive to us as well. It was a great matching bill.

theWANDAS & Bruce Hazel (right) and Some Volunteers. Snug Harbor in Charlotte NC

After a night of much needed rest; half of us slept in the house which made room in the RV for the others; it's back on the road for the last two shows of the tour. We're heading back down south to  Atlanta tonight and the last show on Sunday Night in Jacksonville.

See you in Atlanta!