Kickstarter Update & Live Video of "The Lady"

For those of you following along at home, our Kickstarter campaign is moving along nicely. is a web site that allows artists to fund projects by connecting with their fans directly. In our case, fans can get our music before anyone else, pickup limited edition vinyl and USB drives along with a host of other cool packages like a camping trip in our RV or a live performance at your house. Some people have been so generous that they simply pledged money and opted out of receiving the merchandise all together!

We've already raised over $7,500 of our $10,000 goal which is amazing, but we only have 18 days left to go. The funding period ends on DECEMBER 1st. This is a hard deadline. If we don't reach $10,000 by this point all of the money is returned to those who pledged and the album doesn't get made.

We posted a live video of "The Lady" from Ralph's Diner in Worcester, MA. It's only available on our Kickstarter page, so you have to CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT.

If you want to see what this whole kickstarter fundraiser is all about, take a minute and watch our video explaining everything below.


Thanks for all of the continued support!