Happy Christmas From Montreal

Hello All,

What a great Christmas morning. We all awoke to find all the musical gear we ever wanted. Brent had wall of amps ranging from Vox to Orange. I had the best Ampeg setup in the world. Will had more snare drums then he knew what to do with them and Keith had one microphone alone worth twice as much as his car. This year theWANDAS are celebrating Christmas at Mix Art studios in Montreal, Quebec. 

It's a bit different that our traditional Christmas festivities but it is still festive nonetheless. One of the neighbors to the studio brought us over some home made wine and one of Patrick's friends hand delivered some egg nog for a Christmas Toast.

(L-R) Recording Engineer Joe Saliba, theWANDAS, Producer Patrick Krief. Christmas 2010 Egg Nog Toast. Mix Art Studios. Montreal Quebec.The recording process is going very well. I must say the months and months of pre-production locked in our practice space has paid off in spades. On this album we really wanted to capture our live feel so we did some touring on a handful of new tunes and played the hell out of the other ones on our own. We dissected every aspect of every song. We played them slow, fast, with vocals, without vocals, and in different keys.  So when we went to hit the record button in Mixart Studios, playing the songs live was second nature.

For those of you interested in the recording process, the act of recording the 4 of us together involves some creative techniques in order to isolate all of the sounds but yet give us the feeling we're all jamming in a room together.

Brent, Will and I are in a big drum-room together. Brent and I's amps are in separate rooms so that Will's drums don't bleed into our amp microphones. Keith is in another soundproof room with his guitar amp in a 4th room so that his guitar doesn't bleed into his vocal microphone. We all wear headphones so we can hear each other, Joe and Patrick steer the ship from the control room and the rest is history.

I'll try to get some photos up soon, so you can see how everything is setup.

Merry Christmas!