On the road again...

So we had a couple months to spend back in Boston after our last national tour; boy did that go by quickly. We headed back out on the road at hit The Studio @ Webster Hall in New York City. The show was unique being in NYC but we were playing with 2 great boston bands. McAlister Drive and The Honors. The show was a blast. There was a great crowd and the room sounded amazing.

One major difference between now and our fall tour is the cold weather. After spending a bitter cold night in Manhattan. We had to get the heat fixed in our RV to bare the 5 degree weather in the northern part of our tour; sleeping with 3 shirts, 2 sweat shirts, a jacket, hat and gloves, and waking up shivering uncontrollably is even a little too rock and roll for us. Luckily our buddy Stimpy from Paul's Mobile RV Service in RI, was able to get our heat back up and running to make the inside of the RV the toastiest home on wheels on this side of the Mason Dixon line.

Icicles on the RV. A far cry from San Diego 3 months ago.

After our NYC show we were scheduled to hit Philly and Delaware but right in line with the winter cold both of those places were about to get slammed with 30 inches of snow; promptly causing the venues to close down and cancel our shows. Luckily we were able to add another show in New York at The Delancey and sit tight in NY for a few days until the snow blew over.

Next stop was The Brighton Bar in Longbranch NJ on Superbowl Sunday. This place was right up our alley. A nice rock and roll vibe which has housed many NJ greats such as Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. We took the stage right after the game ended and delivered a victory set for The Saints.

We're finally down south in North Carolina ready to play in Winston Salem. It's still cold but no more snow.