Dayton, OH

When we left Pennsylvania we had the day off heading into Ohio. We got word that touring bands get free admission into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so we decided to check it out. We also hung out with some friends we met last time we played Cleveland, so it was a great time all around.

We headed south of Cleveland to Dayton, OH; our first time in the city. We played at very cool neighborhood venue that specializes in live music, gourmet pizza, and craft beers. Needless to say we indulged in a little of everything.

The show went really well, we've been playing a handful of new songs this tour and they're really starting to gel. The local crowd was great. They were very receptive, enthusiastic and friendly. We will definitely be back to Dayton, OH.

Keith, Brent, & Will making new friends in Dayton, OH

Tonight we're heading to Cincinnati