Kickstarter Update & Live Video of "The Lady"

For those of you following along at home, our Kickstarter campaign is moving along nicely. is a web site that allows artists to fund projects by connecting with their fans directly. In our case, fans can get our music before anyone else, pickup limited edition vinyl and USB drives along with a host of other cool packages like a camping trip in our RV or a live performance at your house. Some people have been so generous that they simply pledged money and opted out of receiving the merchandise all together!

We've already raised over $7,500 of our $10,000 goal which is amazing, but we only have 18 days left to go. The funding period ends on DECEMBER 1st. This is a hard deadline. If we don't reach $10,000 by this point all of the money is returned to those who pledged and the album doesn't get made.

We posted a live video of "The Lady" from Ralph's Diner in Worcester, MA. It's only available on our Kickstarter page, so you have to CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT.

If you want to see what this whole kickstarter fundraiser is all about, take a minute and watch our video explaining everything below.


Thanks for all of the continued support!




theWANDAS Music - Now Available on smirp

smirp is a new online distribution tool to help artists get their craft out to the masses. Following in Radiohead's footsteps, smirp allows artists to let their fans set their own price. You'll notice in the Download-Music section all of our music is now available through smirp and itunes. 

smirp was created by the same guys that brought you Flickaday; Ross's long time business partner Jeff Durand spearheaded the operation and used input from Ross & theWANDAS to craft a very artist friendly system. If you're an artist you'll most likely enjoy what smirp has to offer. If you just want to get your hands on our music, you'll find there's no easier way than smirp

New Wave Blues - Quickly Becoming Press Favorite

There's nothing more rewarding than recieving praise for creating something from your heart and sharing it with the world. Pasta Primavera, a Baltimore-based indie music blog gave New Wave Blues high marks.

[theWANDAS] just put out a new LP, New Wave Blues, and it’s teaming with pop melodies that send me overboard...

A pop sound reminiscent of the Beach Boys and Elvis Costello at times. The echoed vocals of Keith McEachern are the key. They can be fragile one second (”Please Come Home”) and down right infectious the next (”Bending Over Backwards”)...

New Wave Blues is a well rounded explosion of an album and The Wandas have just made my new favorites list.

Read the entire review HERE

An Amazing 3 months for theWANDAS

Last July/August we settled down into Paper Cup studios with producer Patrick Krief and hammered out a full length album complete with our best work to date. The album is being mixed as we speak and will be mastered in early November. The album will first be available at our CD Release shows in Worcester MA, USA and Boston MA, USA in late November early December 2008.

We were anticipating a slow September and October in preparation for the album release. Well we were cetainly wrong. Fresh out of the studio session we took First Place out of 600 bands in our genre on the August 2008 song competition. Right after the competition we were chosen as the WBOS Radio 92.9 Best of Boston pick in September 2008. Coupled with a sold out show at Tommy Doyle's, September was a great month.

Just when we thought things couldn't get any better, we got an email from Natalia Yanchak of The Dears asking if we would open for them at their upcoming Boston show on October 21st, 2008. Obviously we said yes right away. Anyone who has followed us  knows how much we love and admire The Dears. This is absolutely a dream come true for us.

The Dears are touring in support of their new album Missiles. They are doing a range of intimate venues around the world, which makes it extra special. The show will be at Great Scott and will undoubtedly be packed. We are so excited to be a part of this.

Please check out the tour section on the web site to see all the shows we have coming up. We have some great ones which include a Nov 4th show in Boston with our producer's band, Black Diamond Bay. These guys are on tour from Montreal, CA and are absolutely phenomenal.

Thank you to all of our great fans who have been spreading WANDA mania around the world.


theWANDAS - "Trepidation" Wins 1st Place on

Hey Guys,

We had a great showing in the August 2008 competition. Our song "Trepidation" won 1st place in the indie pop channel.

Trepidation, by the WANDAS on OurStage

There were about 600 entries in this category and we overwhelmingly took 1st place. Thanks for everyone who judged. We'll probably have more stuff up on soon too.

You can download Trepidation from the download music section or you can get it straight from itunes.

"Trepidation" Makes Our Stage Quarter Finals

Hey Guys,

We got an email yesterday saying that our song "Trepidation" has made it to the quarter finals of the monthly music competition. I actually forgot about the whole thing when I submitted the song, so I never told anyone to go to the site and judge us.

Anyway, right now we're ranked #7 out of about 600 entries in the indie/pop category. The way the competition works is that you are presented two songs to listen to and you decide which one you like more; you'll cycle through a bunch of songs, that way the calculation is fair.

You can access the competition by clicking the banner below.

Welcome to theWANDAS Official Website

Hello WANDA World,

As you can see we've undergone some changes with our web site. This site should help keep our base informed while maintaining a two way dialogue. Feel free to contribute to our blog by commenting on any of the posts. You can subscribed to the RSS feed to stay on top of all of the latest news.