Working Hard in Montreal - A video tour of Mix Art Studios


Things are going great up here in Montreal. We're ahead of schedule in the recording process and are absolutely thrilled with how everything is sounding.

We're also pleased that our double fake out of mother nature couldn't have went any better. While we headed north to Montreal, (the only place colder than Boston in the winter) Boston was getting slammed with a Blizzard. I guarantee you if we recorded in Miami, they would have had snow on Christmas.

Here is a little video tour of Mix Art Studios, where we are tracking the album. My apologies if some of the video is a little dark and hard to see. The studio has a lighting vibe designed to inspire sweet sweet music; not necessarily great for filming. However, you should be able to get the gist.

Can't wait to share the music with everyone!


Kickstarter Update & Live Video of "The Lady"

For those of you following along at home, our Kickstarter campaign is moving along nicely. is a web site that allows artists to fund projects by connecting with their fans directly. In our case, fans can get our music before anyone else, pickup limited edition vinyl and USB drives along with a host of other cool packages like a camping trip in our RV or a live performance at your house. Some people have been so generous that they simply pledged money and opted out of receiving the merchandise all together!

We've already raised over $7,500 of our $10,000 goal which is amazing, but we only have 18 days left to go. The funding period ends on DECEMBER 1st. This is a hard deadline. If we don't reach $10,000 by this point all of the money is returned to those who pledged and the album doesn't get made.

We posted a live video of "The Lady" from Ralph's Diner in Worcester, MA. It's only available on our Kickstarter page, so you have to CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT.

If you want to see what this whole kickstarter fundraiser is all about, take a minute and watch our video explaining everything below.


Thanks for all of the continued support!




theWANDAS Live Recording at Ralph's - Huge Success!

We want to thank everyone who made last Saturday's live video & audio recording at Ralph's in Worcester, MA such a giant success. The venue was sold out and by far the most packed I've ever seen the place. It was great seeing so many enthusiastic fans in one place.


theWANDAS live recording at Ralph's, Worcester MA. Photo Credit: Jim Kusz

From what I've briefly seen, the video looks great. The film crew did a bang up job. We can't wait to share the end product with you. It's going to a take a bit to sort through and edit down so bear with us; hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Thanks again for Ralph's and their great staff for letting us have our run of the place for the night; we couldn't have done it without their help. Thanks to Hard No. 9 and Matt Benoit for sharing the night with us and putting on great performances.

Here's an article in the Worcester Magazine that ran, leading up to the event.



Welcome Hype Machine Visitors - Download Album For Free

Someone just pointed out that "Thank You Note" is in the top 100 on Hype Machine. It's always nice to see music spreading to new listeners.

You can download theWANDAS entire album New Wave Blues, featuring Thank You Note from smirp. Simply click here and set your price to download the entire album. If you don't have any dough, set the price to $0.00.

If you haven't seen the video for Thank You Note, it was featured on FUSE TV on demand last month, you can view it below.


More Shows & FUSE TV

Hey Guys,

It's been a quite a whirlwind for us over the past few months. We finished up a great tour, are back in Boston playing our usual circuit of MA, RI, & NYC shows. We have some good shows coming up; most notably our Gig this Friday at Tommy Doyle's in Harvard Square. For those of you who have seen us there in the past, you know it's always a fun time. Get there early as the show starts at 9pm and there is only one supporting act. Be sure to stay up to date in the Tour Section.

We just got word that the Thank You Note video has been picked up by FUSE TV on Demand and will be featured for the month of July. That means you can pull it up whenever you want for the entire month. FUSE TV is free for most cable providers so if you have cable you probably have FUSE TV. We don't have cable so we'll be coming to your place to watch it. And for those of you in the video, there's nothing cooler than firing it up casually at a party and pretending you didn't know it was on.

That's all for now. We've got some other tricks up our sleeve that we'll be unveiling in the coming months.

See you at Tommy Doyles,




Tour - Day 9 - Danbury, CT

We decided to stay in Brooklyn for a little longer since we were only 90 minutes from Danbury, CT. Keith and Will decided to try to make a few extra bucks and do an acoustic performance on the streets of Brooklyn. They made some friends and even had another street musician jump in on guitar. It was a great way to wrap up our time in NYC. Check out the video below!

Then it was on to Cousin Larry's in Danbury CT. I must say, going into the tour I was most uncertain of this venue. Maybe it was the name, maybe it was my lack of familiarity with the location; I'm not sure what it was, however I couldn't have been more wrong. We pulled up and were greeted by a lively staff and group of regulars who were at the bar. We unloaded our equipment and then hit the bus for what has become our pre-show ritual; watching the Simpsons. The band who played before us Panda and Child knew our good friends in 28 Degrees Taurus from Boston, so we felt right at home.

We were the last act and went on around 12:30am. Since there was no one after us we were able to play extra long. We threw in a couple of old ones and even included an jammed out version of Why don't we do it in the road? The crowd was really digging it by the end and we were having a blast. It's safe to say we will be back at Cousin Larry's.

Will's drums looking sharp on stage at Cousin Larry's in Danbury, CT.

Last night we were leaving the club around 2:30am and got pulled over for no real apparent reason; other than the fact we were pulling out from a parking spot and the cop didn't seem to appreciate us doing it in front of him. After a few minutes of running the license and registration, we were let off the hook and proceeded to a local diner where we enjoyed our 3am breakfast.

We're on the road to Wilmington Delaware right now for a show tonight at Bank Shots. Then we have Sunday and Monday off for Easter on the road.

See you in Deleware!

Making of Music Video - Featured in Boston Publication

This Article was published in The Suffolk Scoop: Written by Rachel Pelkey. 

BRIGHTON, Mass. — After five years of making music, The Wandas recently took their musical career to the next level. Over a span of two days, the four band mates worked together to create their very own music video for their latest single, ‘Thank You Note.’

The upbeat lyrics describe how the band received family, friends and new people into their Brighton home. Keith McEachern, Brent Battery, Pete McElholm and Ross Lucivero welcomed anyone and everyone into their home to take part in their debut music video.

As soon as I walked in the door I was warmly welcomed by McElhom, the band’s lively drummer. Though I only came to cover the shoot, he convinced me to be an extra in the video along with 100 others.

Ross at video shoot
Bassist Ross Lucivero at video shoot


“We really wanted to get as many people as possible from different backgrounds to be in the video,” he said. “Everyone is welcome.”

It was hard to distinguish a rowdy music video was being filmed inside the unassuming three-story home. Walking down the street in search of the shoot, I expected to immediately identify which house was the site of the shoot, with only the sounds of birds chirping and cars passing filling the air.

Once I entered through the door marked “WANDAS Video Shoot,” it was a different scene altogether.

In the living room, extras took part by singing-along while listening to the song and reading a copy of the lyrics. With the song on repeat for most of the day, it was certainly hard to forget the catchy lyrics. Family and friends mulled about between the living room and kitchen, all showing their support.

Originally from Worcester, McEachern, McElholm and Lucivero had friends and family travel to take part in the band’s big day.

While McElholm and Battery organized extras downstairs assigning numbers and handing out lyrics, lead singer McEachern and bassist Lucivero directed the video shoot in a bedroom three flights up a winding staircase. Walkie-talkies in hand, they signaled downstairs when they were ready for a new extra.

In the small room, a large professional camera faced a stool in the middle of the room. Bright lights facing the stool were certainly intimidating. I immediately regretted my decision to take part. As I sat in the chair with all eyes, a camera and blinding lights facing me, I waited for Keith’s cue to begin.

But once the song played and the camera rolled, I felt right at home. With large cue cards to guide me through the song, Keith danced around the room encouraging me to do the same. In an instant, my nerves disappeared and I became part of the video.

To accompany the theme of the song, extras were asked to write a short thank you note to whomever they pleased: “To all my friends, and all my acquaintances, I wanted to share my feelings with you…”

With two full days of shooting extras for the video, The Wandas were excited to step in front of the camera to do what they do best.

After all the extras had sung-along to the four minute song, the Wandas dressed up and performed as if they were on stage at one of their regular gigs.

“We’re really excited about making our first video,” McElhom said. “It’s been really fun.”

This Article was published in The Suffolk Scoop: Written by Rachel Pelkey.

Music Video Shot - Thank You

Thank you to everyone who came out over the course of the weekend to help us with the making of our music video for Thank You Note. Everyone played a crucial role and we appreciate everyone's efforts.

We can't wait to finish the video and share it with everyone!


Music Video Shoot Date Announced & Boston Show

theWANDAS music video is being shot:

Saturday March 29th and Sunday March 30th at:

120-122 Holton St
Brighton MA 01235

Street parking is open to the public, and there is a parking lot across the street that is open to the public, as long as you don't park overnight.

For people coming from Rhode Island and Central MA, you can look into the commuter rail at:

There is a forum setup on our web site for people who want to connect for car pooling. It is located HERE.

For more info visit the official Music Video Production page. 

Also. theWANDAS are performing at Great Scott in Allston, March 7th with Krief, (members of The Dears). These guys are awesome. theWANDAS go on at 8:30pm sharp! It's an early one, so please make plans. The Pill dance night follows, which is always fun. Great music, great times. They've also arranged for our fans to only pay one cover for the entire night.



Music Video - We Need Your Help!

You may have noticed a new section added to the navigation of entitled This section is dedicated to our latest music video production. Here's the gist, we're putting together (what we think will be) a really cool music video. One of things that will make it cool is that it will feature a ton of people.

MVP_girl.jpgThis is where you come in. Since we need a lot of people to make this happen, we are reaching out to our friends, families, fans, and asking everyone to reach out to their friends and family, etc etc. At this point we are simply creating a list of interested people. You don't need any experience with anything. We urge you to add your name to the list. It will be a huge help, and you'll get to be in a cool music video.

Click on the link to learn more and add your name to the list. Please don't be shy, just throw your name in the ring. You're not committing to anything at this point.