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Someone just pointed out that "Thank You Note" is in the top 100 on Hype Machine. It's always nice to see music spreading to new listeners.

You can download theWANDAS entire album New Wave Blues, featuring Thank You Note from smirp. Simply click here and set your price to download the entire album. If you don't have any dough, set the price to $0.00.

If you haven't seen the video for Thank You Note, it was featured on FUSE TV on demand last month, you can view it below.


Ross's iPod featured in Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Worcester, MA newspaper, Telegram & Gazette is running a feature on what musician's are listening to. They chose to examine Ross's iPod to see what he was rocking out to. Check out an excerpt from the article below or read the entire article here.

“New Wave Blues”? The title of the theWANDAS’ new CD sums the band up nicely. Both poppy and emotional, the veterans of the Worcester and Boston music scenes cut straight to the core with gorgeous harmonies, startling earnestness, and a sense of indie pop cool that makes the band one of the more fun local listens.


We're looking forward to reading more on some of the featured artists.

Read the entire article here

Boston, MA - Show Reviewed

We had a blast playing to the sold out crowd at Tommy Doyle's last night in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. A writer from boxofboom.com was in the crowd and had some kind words to say about the show. Here is an excerpt of the review.

...I was lucky enough to catch a great show by a local band right here in Boston on Saturday night. The WANDAS played an explosive set to a packed room at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, featuring several songs from their latest album, New Wave Blues. The band’s sound is refreshingly upbeat and reminiscent of the new wave power pop of Elvis Costello and Cheap Trick. The energy and eagerness in their live set is contagious...

theWANDAS @ Tommy Doyles in Boston, MA. 3/7/2009. Photo by Ryan Siu

You can read the rest of the review on boxofboom.com

New Wave Blues - Quickly Becoming Press Favorite

There's nothing more rewarding than recieving praise for creating something from your heart and sharing it with the world. Pasta Primavera, a Baltimore-based indie music blog gave New Wave Blues high marks.

[theWANDAS] just put out a new LP, New Wave Blues, and it’s teaming with pop melodies that send me overboard...

A pop sound reminiscent of the Beach Boys and Elvis Costello at times. The echoed vocals of Keith McEachern are the key. They can be fragile one second (”Please Come Home”) and down right infectious the next (”Bending Over Backwards”)...

New Wave Blues is a well rounded explosion of an album and The Wandas have just made my new favorites list.

Read the entire review HERE

Rave reviews from The Weekly Dig

theWANDAS were featured in The Weekly Dig this week and recieved high praise for their latest work New Wave Blues. Here is what they had to say:

The four-piece group The Wandas separate themselves from the large pack of Boston pop bands with a tightly designed, smart sound. Besides the production from Patrick Krief (of The Dears) and the mastering of Ryan Morey (The Stills, Arcade Fire), the vocals from Keith McEachern and friends are a delight.

Check out the matching harmonies of "Bending Over Backwards" or the falsetto on "Trepidation" for the ingredient that truly adds to the already focused formula. Expect this Berklee-bred band to do what many others have done: blow up. [David Day - The Weekly Dig]

It's always great to be recognized for your hard work and dedication. See you soon at one of our upcoming shows.

An Amazing 3 months for theWANDAS

Last July/August we settled down into Paper Cup studios with producer Patrick Krief and hammered out a full length album complete with our best work to date. The album is being mixed as we speak and will be mastered in early November. The album will first be available at our CD Release shows in Worcester MA, USA and Boston MA, USA in late November early December 2008.

We were anticipating a slow September and October in preparation for the album release. Well we were cetainly wrong. Fresh out of the studio session we took First Place out of 600 bands in our genre on the ourstage.com August 2008 song competition. Right after the competition we were chosen as the WBOS Radio 92.9 Best of Boston pick in September 2008. Coupled with a sold out show at Tommy Doyle's, September was a great month.

Just when we thought things couldn't get any better, we got an email from Natalia Yanchak of The Dears asking if we would open for them at their upcoming Boston show on October 21st, 2008. Obviously we said yes right away. Anyone who has followed us  knows how much we love and admire The Dears. This is absolutely a dream come true for us.

The Dears are touring in support of their new album Missiles. They are doing a range of intimate venues around the world, which makes it extra special. The show will be at Great Scott and will undoubtedly be packed. We are so excited to be a part of this.

Please check out the tour section on the web site to see all the shows we have coming up. We have some great ones which include a Nov 4th show in Boston with our producer's band, Black Diamond Bay. These guys are on tour from Montreal, CA and are absolutely phenomenal.

Thank you to all of our great fans who have been spreading WANDA mania around the world.


Making of Music Video - Featured in Boston Publication

This Article was published in The Suffolk Scoop: Written by Rachel Pelkey. 

BRIGHTON, Mass. — After five years of making music, The Wandas recently took their musical career to the next level. Over a span of two days, the four band mates worked together to create their very own music video for their latest single, ‘Thank You Note.’

The upbeat lyrics describe how the band received family, friends and new people into their Brighton home. Keith McEachern, Brent Battery, Pete McElholm and Ross Lucivero welcomed anyone and everyone into their home to take part in their debut music video.

As soon as I walked in the door I was warmly welcomed by McElhom, the band’s lively drummer. Though I only came to cover the shoot, he convinced me to be an extra in the video along with 100 others.

Ross at video shoot
Bassist Ross Lucivero at video shoot


“We really wanted to get as many people as possible from different backgrounds to be in the video,” he said. “Everyone is welcome.”

It was hard to distinguish a rowdy music video was being filmed inside the unassuming three-story home. Walking down the street in search of the shoot, I expected to immediately identify which house was the site of the shoot, with only the sounds of birds chirping and cars passing filling the air.

Once I entered through the door marked “WANDAS Video Shoot,” it was a different scene altogether.

In the living room, extras took part by singing-along while listening to the song and reading a copy of the lyrics. With the song on repeat for most of the day, it was certainly hard to forget the catchy lyrics. Family and friends mulled about between the living room and kitchen, all showing their support.

Originally from Worcester, McEachern, McElholm and Lucivero had friends and family travel to take part in the band’s big day.

While McElholm and Battery organized extras downstairs assigning numbers and handing out lyrics, lead singer McEachern and bassist Lucivero directed the video shoot in a bedroom three flights up a winding staircase. Walkie-talkies in hand, they signaled downstairs when they were ready for a new extra.

In the small room, a large professional camera faced a stool in the middle of the room. Bright lights facing the stool were certainly intimidating. I immediately regretted my decision to take part. As I sat in the chair with all eyes, a camera and blinding lights facing me, I waited for Keith’s cue to begin.

But once the song played and the camera rolled, I felt right at home. With large cue cards to guide me through the song, Keith danced around the room encouraging me to do the same. In an instant, my nerves disappeared and I became part of the video.

To accompany the theme of the song, extras were asked to write a short thank you note to whomever they pleased: “To all my friends, and all my acquaintances, I wanted to share my feelings with you…”

With two full days of shooting extras for the video, The Wandas were excited to step in front of the camera to do what they do best.

After all the extras had sung-along to the four minute song, the Wandas dressed up and performed as if they were on stage at one of their regular gigs.

“We’re really excited about making our first video,” McElhom said. “It’s been really fun.”

This Article was published in The Suffolk Scoop: Written by Rachel Pelkey.

New Shows, New Tunes, New Awards

Sorry it's been a while since we've posted an article. We've been really busy with a ton of things, and I just haven't been able to get to the blog. Anyway, I'll try to update everyone now.

We've been nominated by the Worcester Magazine Turtle Boy Awards for best "Alternative / Indie Rock Band" Please click on the banner at the top of the page at WorcesterMagazine.com that says "Turtle Boy Awards". And vote for theWANDAS under "Alternative / Indie Rock Band". There are write in spots for any of the other categories as well. Anyone can vote, and it only takes a second. You can only vote once, so make it count.

We've been planning some shows in different parts of the U.S. stay tuned for some updates on that. We're going to be playing at least one show in Boston with Broken Mirrors, Patrick Krief and George Donso III from The Dears' side project. These guys rock. It looks like the show will be at Great Scott in Allston. Check the tour page for more info.

MUSIC VIDEO - A lot of you have already signed up for this. The response has been great. We're still gathering more people. So if you haven't already signed up or you can think of a few people who would be interested. Have them drop there email address on the official music video production page. The vide is going to be really cool but it takes a lot of planning. We appreciate everyone's support and patience.

We have four new songs, recorded, mixed, and mastered. Expect to be hearing these real soon.



P.S. We'll see everyone at Tammany Hall in Worcester, MA on Friday Feb 15th