Manhattan, NY

Last night was an interesting night. We arrived in Manhattan, NY around 6pm. The show start time was 8pm. This gave us enough time to make some food in the bus, load in gear and have an ice gold Naragansett (our great sponsor)..plug...

We were the first band on which is always a little difficult especially when it's an early start time like 8pm. A big part of touring is routine and when you play real early or real late, it can make you lose your bearings a bit. Another issue with playing real early is that the room is typically less than full.


Five minutes before we hit the stage, we were all alone in the venue. Right when we hit the stage the room started to fill up which is always encouraging. We were at Arlene's Grocery last month and the room sounded great. This time was no exception. The sound guy did a top notch job and the room mix was right on the money. We're even contemplating releasing a song or two as a live session

What do you do when you have friend on the tour bus? Have them take photos of you.

After the show we spent some time talking to new fans and old friends. One of Keith's old high school friend's was in the area and we spent some time catching up in the bus. We had to get up early to move out of our parking spot so we turned in around 2am, instead of the usual New York 5am night. We were up and out of Manhattan today by 9:30am. We have today and tomorrow off so we decided to relocate to to Brooklyn temporarily for the next couple of days. We're parked at the corner of N 7th and Griggs Ave if you want to come by and say hello