Tour - Day 10 - Wilmington / Newark, DE

This was our most interesting day of the tour so far. We added this show last minute because another show fell through. The name of the venue we were playing at was called Bank Shots. We pulled up to the venue and it had the vibe of the bar that the  Blues Brothers play at in the movie. The bar was essentially on a concrete island in the middle of the highway. Locals call it the Fish Bowl because it's all glass. Although every single window in the place was broken, so the fish wouldn't have been too happy.

We pulled up and no one seemed to know who we were or what we were doing there. After parking in their lot for about 30 minutes while everyone cycled into their bathroom, the owner finally came out drinking a fresh Budweiser can in the parking lot and informed us there were actually 4 Bank Shots in Delaware, all under different ownership; it's just a popular name.

After breathing a sigh of relief because there was no PA at the Fish Bowl, we hurried up to the real Bank Shots with only 30 minutes to get their, get dressed, unload and setup our gear. We pulled up and were welcomed by the other band, Drunk Unkle,  who was playing that night. They were a great bunch of guys. Extremely friendly and helpful. They let us use their entire setup so we only had to bring in our guitars which was a huge time saver.

theWANDAS & Drunk Uncle @ Bank Shots in Newark Delaware

We were treated so well at the venue. The owner bought a bunch of our CDs, refused to let us pay for drinks and made us feel right at home. It was great playing with Drunk Unkle, they were an awesome cover band who really got the crowd going. They reminded the crowd time and time again to help us out and buy some of our merchandise; which they did in turn.

It is safe to say we will be back in Delaware; hopefully at Bank Newark, that is..

Right now we're spending Easter in a Walmart parking lot, but it's a super Walmart so it makes it special. Happy Easter!