Tour - Day 12 - Richmond, VA

Yesterday was a very relaxing day off. We spent the day exploring Richmond VA. We got a tasty breakfast together in the morning at a quaint eatery, then sought out a laundromat to wash some of our long overdue clothing.

Keith and Will held the fort down while Brent and Ross went for a stroll through Richmond in search of an ATM. The area we were staying in was smack between a few colleges; VCU & VT campuses were right in the middle of everything.

After laundry we kicked it for a bit and watched some movies. Then we made a nice dinner together and decided to check out the Richmond night life once again. This time we headed for a bar that had $1 PBRs, so we were right at home.

Brent at the laundromat in Richmond VA

We spent the night in the RV on a random street yet again. The street was quiet in terms of foot traffic but the cars and busses were whizzing by all night. The vehicles created a gust of wind that would actually rock the RV from left to right, so it actually felt like we were on a boat. When the big-rigs would drive by it felt like we were going to capsize. We were used to it at this point though. The movement just puts you to sleep.

Today, with the day off, we decided to seek out a campground to park the RV so we could enjoy some trees instead of streets and parking lots.

We're enjoying our unexpected day off but it will be nice to get back on stage tomorrow.