Tour - Day 7 - Baltimore, MD

We started yesterday by leaving NYC with a fresh violation with no amount written on the ticket. Does that mean we don't need to pay it? Somehow I doubt it. We hit the road bright and early and arrived in Baltimore with some time to walk around the city a bit.

This was the first city we saw anything outside of our bus and the club we were playing at. Even at that we were limited to a street or two. The weather was a beautiful sunny 65 degrees and we were parked on a pretty happening street. Lots of bars, restaurants, and culture. Right down the street from the venue was a walk through market that had every type of food you could imagine, including fresh fruits and vegetables, similar to a farmers market. It reminded me of a mix betwen Super 88 and Haymarket in Boston.

After we ate some food we had plenty of time for a full sound check which is always nice. The club had a great vibe. Nice stage, excellent sound and sound-guy, and an extremely friendly staff. It's safe to say we've never been treated this well at a club before. We had our own dressing room stocked with beer, soda, coffee, tea and water and our own bathroom and shower. Very nice accommodations. 

We played with three other bands, all which had an upbeat fun sound. 2 of the 3 acts featured a horn player. One of the artists, Tom McBride, had lived in Boston for a year, a few years back so it was fun connecting with someone who was familiar with our roots.

We were headlining, which means we didn't go on until after 12am. Normally this is what we're used to, but since we've been playing everywhere between 9pm and 1am for the last week it makes it tough to get into a pre show routine; which is very helpful to relax and prepare for the show. You're always trying to find the middle ground between not being rushed and not sitting around for too long.

Either way, the show came quickly and we were happy to jump on stage. It was great to see a lot of the fans from the earlier bands stick around especially at 12:30 am on a wednesday night for an out of town band. We enjoyed playing with such great sound and Danielle our tour manager even got some of the girls in the crowd dancing. Always fun to see people dancing.

We're on our way to Brooklyn to play at the Trash Bar. We're really looking forward to this show because we have a bunch of friends who live in Brooklyn. 

Rock On!