Thanksgiving Flu

After our crazy thanksgiving, criss-crossing the state, family events and over eating all brought to a climax by one raucous show at Tammany Hall in Worcester, MA, I think it was inevitable; we got the flu.l_00f827428121d51f81a27ef397a859bf.jpg

I got it first right after the weekend and Keith followed suit a day after me. Our house looked like a quarantined hospital after a biological outbreak.  Lifeless bodies sprawled out on the couch, tissues everywhere, half drank mugs of tea, a few grunts and moans can be heard over the old Seinfeld reruns  playing in the background that no one has the energy to watch.  Fast forward a week and we're pretty much back to good health.

I just met up with Chris O'Coin. He headed up the PureVolume .com video piece we filmed a couple months back. The video includes some live tracks and an 8 minute press reel. He showed me the first cut of the press reel and it looks absolutely amazing. It has some studio footage along with live performance and some interviews.  He does awesome work, and we're really happy to be teamed up with him. As soon as the piece is completed we'll be sure to get it out to WANDA NATION.

Expect more on the blog now that we're back in good health.