Studio - Day 6

Today has been a real productive day. Everyone was finished by 3:45am yesterday (which was early for us), so we were able to get a bit of an earlier start today.  We finished up a lot of guitar tracks yesterday, so it was onto bass this afternoon. I finished the bass tracks for 3 songs today.

Keith started vocals as well today. He finished vocals for "Bending Over Backwards" and "Please Come Home". They both sound awesome. "Bending Over Backwards" has a bit of an 80's new wave feel, and "Please Come Home" is a slower ballad in 3/4 time with almost a slight country feel. I guess after all these years we're still all over the place. Actually, I think all of these songs are the most cohesive set of songs we've ever assembled. So I guess it just has that WANDAS touch.

Brent will be doing some more solo work late tonight, and then probably back to bass and vocals tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and for anyone who cares, I was recording for the most of the day, so I just resumed "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" and I'm at Super Macho Man.