Studio - Day 8

Today we got into the studio around 3:30pm. This was partly our fault for getting a late start, and partly the fault of the East Boston, Papa Gino's staff. We had been making food on our own from the grocery store, to save money during the whole studio session. However, today since we were running late we thought we'd grab something at Papa Gino's on the way up to the studio.

It took 40 minutes for them to "make" food for myself, Patrick, and Keith. Patrick ordered a turkey wrap, and they litterally give him two pieces of turkey on bread. Nothing else. That was certainly worth the wait.

O.K. back to recording. I finished 99% of my bass tracks last night. Today, Keith finished his vocals for all but 1 final track which still needs to be worked out lyrically. We also tracked a glockenspiel for one of the songs. Brent is cranking out his harmonies right now.

Everything is coming together quite nicely.