Charlotte & Asheville, NC

After a great time in Winston Salem, NC we made our way south to Charlotte, NC. We played at Snug Harbor last April when we were in town and were looking forward to seeing some friends we had made last time. We arrived to Snug Harbor on a damp night and have still not adjusted to the southern clay vs. northern dirt. The stuff gets everywhere and is impossible to clean up.

The night was billed as "Free Pizza Night" which was great for us and for foot traffic. Everyone loves free pizza. Before the show we met the local act One Another and other touring band (from Chicago) Filigar who were sharing the night with us. Both acts were great and we realized we had some mutual band friends with the Filigar guys when they played Boston.

Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC on a rainy night

The night was a blast. Good tunes, free pizza and we made a bunch of new friends. The next night we were in Asheville, NC. A town we've heard nothing but good things about. Being our first time in the town, we wanted to explore a bit but were limited to the few blocks we were stationed to play at due to time constraints. 

We were playing in a smaller cafe'-styled venue with a stage for performers. It was fun being able to play a smaller more intimate venue and everyone was super receptive to us. We ate a great vegan meal and got some complimentary cookies and brownies to go.

We got a jump on our 8 our drive to Jacksonville, FL and put in 4 hours of night driving, turned in and were up back on the road today. Looking forward to Jacksonville, FL tonight!