Danbury, CT

After our chaotic trip out of NY we were looking forward to getting back into our groove of playing some shows. We pulled into Cousin Larry's fairly early so we had some time to make some dinner and relax before the show. Danbury, CT reminds me a bit of Keith and I's home town of Worcester, MA. When we got to the venue the bartender and locals were extremely friendly. We played there last April so we were in familiar territory.

The show was only a two band bill and we were on first, so we were able to take our time setting up our gear which is always nice. The show went off without a hitch and we were able to have a somewhat early night. We rolled back to Wal Mart, watched a couple episodes of The Simpsons and were off to sleep by 1:30am.

Will's Drums. He keeps pictures around for when he get's lonely.

We were up early today as we had to make our way back to RI for our show in Pawtucket and even more important we had to meet with our beer sponsor, Narragansett so we could stock up for the remainder of the tour.

Time to load in to The Blackstone in Pawtucket, RI.