Tour - Day 5 - Somewhere in NJ

Yesterday was a low key day. We had the day off and spent most of it in either a gas station, K Mart or Walmart parking lot. We had some time to relax, watch The Simpsons and play a marathon game of Monopoly.

In Monopoly Ross got off to a quick start and was the front runner with property being built immediately. With Will, just about crippled, Brent lead a revolt against Ross with a 3 way trade to give everyone else property to build on. Miraculously Will avoided landing on anything for the next hour, while Brent and Keith formed an alliance against Ross. With everyone luckily avoiding the hotels on Ross's properties, Ross quickly found himself out of the game.

Monopoly Round 1: Brent is the victor

Will lasted a while but never regained momentum and was out, not too long after Ross. In earlier dealings Keith had granted Brent immunity of 3/4's of his properties and was just a matter of time before Brent dismantled Keith, piece by piece.

Brent was the victor this round, but a rematch is inevitable.

Lit Lounge in Manhattan Tonight. 8x10 in Baltimore wednesday!