More Shows & FUSE TV

Hey Guys,

It's been a quite a whirlwind for us over the past few months. We finished up a great tour, are back in Boston playing our usual circuit of MA, RI, & NYC shows. We have some good shows coming up; most notably our Gig this Friday at Tommy Doyle's in Harvard Square. For those of you who have seen us there in the past, you know it's always a fun time. Get there early as the show starts at 9pm and there is only one supporting act. Be sure to stay up to date in the Tour Section.

We just got word that the Thank You Note video has been picked up by FUSE TV on Demand and will be featured for the month of July. That means you can pull it up whenever you want for the entire month. FUSE TV is free for most cable providers so if you have cable you probably have FUSE TV. We don't have cable so we'll be coming to your place to watch it. And for those of you in the video, there's nothing cooler than firing it up casually at a party and pretending you didn't know it was on.

That's all for now. We've got some other tricks up our sleeve that we'll be unveiling in the coming months.

See you at Tommy Doyles,