Kickstarter Campaign Complete, nearly $12,000 raised towards new album!

For those of you following our kickstarter fundraiser; we started about 2 months back on a journey to fund our new album by going directly to our fans. Since we're an independent band we have full control over the direction of our band. Which means we're able to set the price of our music and make it available directly to you in whatever format we want.

Since many of you were already planning on purchasing our album when it came out, it just made sense to allow you to pre-order it with a bunch of other cool merchandise. By pre-ordering the album we were able to fund the recording process.

The campaign was a complete success thanks to your loyalty and support. Now it's time for us record this thing! We're heading to Montreal in a few weeks to start the process. We'll be posting updates on here for you to follow along at home.

Thanks a million!

Ross, Keith, Brent & Will - theWANDAS