theWANDAS in The Boston Globe

How do you get a publication that is located 2 miles from your home to write about you? Travel 2,000 miles to Austin, TX!

theWANDAS being interviewed by The Boston Globe: SXSW 2010, Austin, TX. Photo Credit: Kyle Tancrell

We caught up with The Boston Globe down at SXSW at one of our shows. We snapped some photos and did a quick interview. Here's what the globe had to say about us. You can read the entire feature HERE

the Wandas also had a packed schedule, playing shows daily before loading up their 30-foot RV and heading north. The Wandas, whose sound is a dreamy lovechild of rock radio and your grandpa’s record collection, have spent most of 2009 and the early part of 2010 on the road. They have honed their set list down to a well-oiled, high-volume machine packed with 4/4 melodies and a ’50s rock feel. “Lose You’’ is an endearing moment in the live show of the Wandas, with singer Keith McEachern leaping from a croon to a howl in the matter of a measure. “The end of ‘Lose You’ tends to get the crowd going,’’ McEachern says. “That’s where I scream for five minutes. There are pictures on Facebook of me singing that song where you can practically see down into my stomach.’’