On the road - 20 days in

You'll be pleased to know we survived our trifecta of marathon drives from Lincoln, NE to Denver CO, to Denver CO, to Boise ID. Thanks to Marc, (our new addition on the road) our driver, roadie, tour-manager-in-training, he rotated in on some grueling drives for us.

Boise was a really nice city. You never know what to expect being that far from home but we had a little time to stroll around downtown and take in the sites and rather enjoyed ourselves. Our show at the Red Room was really fun. The bar reminded me of some of the places we play in Boston, like Great Scott; a friendly neighborhood spot with PBR tall boys and a quality lineup of music each night.

the WANDAS Live at The Red Room - Boise, ID

We had to leave Boise, ID right when the night was over as we had a 9 hour drive to Seattle, WA and were playing in the middle of the afternoon. The show in Seattle was put together by Audiosocket; a music licensing company that we work with. They're an amazing company who really support independent music. They threw a big Octoberfest to benefit a local non-profit organization which nurtures youth filmmakers, called NFFTY. The event was great and we played with our buddies from Portland, OR and and and

the WANDAS live at Nectar's Lounge - Seattle, WA

After an early night in Seattle it was off to the perform in eastern part of the state; in Pullman, WA. Another first for us, Pullman is a college town who's population is made up of primarily WSU students. We played at the Pullman Belltower, which is an old church converted to a live music venue. Last week we played a venue (Crosstown Station) in Kansas City, MO which was closing down to be converted into a church and this week we played a church that turned into a live music venue; I don't think I need to say which conversion I'm more fond of. The show in Pullman was awesome. It was full of an enthusiastic all-ages crowd including, and I believe the first ever, Wanda, in attendance; or at least the first ever to say something to us about sharing the same name. 

Our guitars backstage at the Pullman Belltower, a holy site - Pullman, WA

After Pullman it was time for a much needed rest. We were 16 days in without a real day off. We headed to Hood River Oregon. A desolate town filled with mountains, valleys and is right on the Columbia river.

View from the Columbia River. Look closely, Keith is playing Guitar on the shore - Hood River, OR

We walked along the river, grilled some food, and mostly just relaxed. Now that we're rested up, we're ready for our show in Portland, OR tonight!

Peace and Love from the Columbia River - Ross. - Hood River, OR See you soon.