'the WANDAS' selected as 1 of the best albums of 2011 by rslblog.com

Happy New Year all,

It's been a great 2011 and we're looking forward to keeping the momentum going into 2012. We're off to a good start as we're still getting some recognition off of our latest release; our self titled album.

Ryan's Smashing Life (rslblog.com) has selected "the WANDAS" as one of the best albums of 2011. Feel free to snag a digital copy, CD, or vinyl from the online store if you haven't grabbed yet.

Here's an excerpt from the review. You can read the entire article here:

ONE OF THE COUNTRY'S BEST LIVE SHOWS - The Wandas' long awaited self-titled record was released - and was immediately celebrated by fans who were clamoring for new material that more accurately reflected the band's often epic live shows. (Mission accomplished.)

You can read the entire article here:



theWANDAS partner with Lands' End Canvas for USA Tour!

We're pleased to announce that for our 2011 Fall U.S. Tour, we've partnered with Lands' End Canvas. You may be asking, "What does this mean?". Well, the short answer is that Lands' End Canvas will be helping us with our tour support budget and providing us with a new wardrobe in exchange we'll be providing them some concert footage and other content for their website.

The long story is that we're an independent band who has never been under the direction or support of a record label. All of the albums we've created and tours we've gone on have been funded by us or directly by our fans. Our producer, booking agent, publicist, etc all work directly with us; as opposed to being hired by a record label. It's a very rewarding experience to

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the WANDAS Album Review: The Boston Herald: A-

There were some kind words from The Boston Herald this week. They reviewed the WANDAS' self titled album and gave it an A-. Here is a quote from the review or you can read the whole review on bostonherald.com.

"Constant touring has paid off for this Boston-based quartet, which has released one of 2011’s finest albums."

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the WANDAS featured in The Boston Globe

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Boston Globe correspondent Jonathan Perry on a late summer afternoon at Deep Ellum; one of our favorite local Boston bar and eateries. We chatted about touring, our band, music and life in general. The interview, which felt more like a few music afficianados comparing notes, was published in the Boston Globe this week and can be read in it's entirity here.

Here is an excerpt from the piece.

"With its lusciously melancholic and lushly layered (but, crucially, not overproduced) collection of pop songs that feel and sound like a balmy late summer breeze, “The Wandas’’ does a terrific job of staking the band’s claim of having arrived at long last."

You can read the rest here.




Guitar World Magazine names the WANDAS' upcoming album one of the "50 Best Albums of 2011"!

We're in some good company this afternoon. Along with Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, Foo Fighters and The Strokes, theWANDAS Upcoming Self-Titled Album was named one of the "50 Best Albums of The First Half of 2011"

You can view the whole list here. You can also Pre-Order the new album here. The album ships on or before August 30th, 2011. 

Guitar World Magazine's 50 Best Albums half way through 2011