Studio - Day 2

We finished up last night (this morning) at 6am. We tracked all of the parts for "Bending Over Backwards" Everything sounded great. We're using an array of classic guitars and amps which all have great sounds. We returned to the studio for around 1:30pm this afternoon.

Unfortunately we arrived to listen to last night's work only to find that the song sounded just a tad slow. When we investigated further we realized that we tracked the song 1 bpm (beat per minute) too slow. This is a very small difference, but the entire feel just didn't seem right. So, we decided to re-track the entire thing. Sigh...

After the initial depression, Patrick reminded us that it's better to get it right and feel good about everything when we're done. Rather than regretting it after it's too late. Nonetheless we moved ahead in good spirits. Now we're just about done with the song yet again, and will be tracking another one tonight. Since it's already midnight, we'll be having another late night.

On the non-music related news, we've played 2 games of monopoly. I won the first and Brent won the second. Brent and I are also on level 73 of "Bubble Bobble". Which we're determined to beat before the session's end