Studio - Day 3

We had another real late night last night. We didn't tracking until 7 a.m. Since we were making up for yesterday's snafu we had to essentially do double in one day. We were able to finish another song called "Please Come Home". It features a real piano which is a first for theWANDAS recording sessions. For those of you who made it to our last couple shows, we had played these first two songs live.

(Patrick jamming on the Piano, before Keith tracked  "Please Come Home")

Today, Pete is working on drum tracks for three more songs. Everything is sounding really awesome. Patrick is getting amazing sounds from the drums. Everything from a Stevie Wonder-esque pop  to Ringo's kit sound on "Let It Be".

I've won another game of monopoly against Brent, Keith and Josh (one of the engineers). Brent and I beat Bubble Bobble in it's entirety; which is 210 levels. I'll probably tracking bass for these 3 songs either tonight or early tomorrow.