Newark, DE

After a great show in Pawtucket, RI we were really looking forward to our date at Bankshots in Newark, DE. Last April when we were touring we had a show in Pittsburgh PA fall through and Danielle's (our booking agent) intern who is familiar with Delaware put out some feelers to see if we could jump on a bill last minute. We heard back from Bankshots and they said we were welcome to open the show.

We weren't expecting much because we were in new territory without a fan base and on a last minute show. The band, Drunk Unkle was cool enough to let us share the stage with them. They're an awesome cover band with a huge fan base and certainly didn't need us on the bill. Nonetheless they were extremely hospitable and treated us like family.

When we were organizing this tour, we new we had to make it down to Bankshots in DE again. After getting the go-ahead from Drunk Unkle, we had our sites set on Delaware. We hit a bit of traffic going through NY and turned a 5 hour trip into an 8 our venture.

We arrived at Bankshots around 8pm. Not only were the guys from Drunk Unkle gracious enough to let us use all of their gear and let us play in the middle of their set at 11pm instead of the normal 930pm opening time slot. Sturdy, the bassist from Dunk Unkle was more than persistent to convince the crowd to buy our cds and merchandise. They played a killer couple of sets and we all caught up on Boston stories; Sturdy is originally from MA.

Sturdy and Angel kept us company in our bus after the show

After hanging with Sturdy and his wife Angel until 4am, we called the Bankshots parking lot our home for the night and turned in. We're playing a huge house party in Philadelphia right now and will be going inside momentarily.

We'll see you tomorrow.