Philadelphia, PA

Last night was awesome. We got to do something we rarely get to do anymore; play at a house party. We rolled into Philadelphia, PA around 7pm right in the heart of Temple University. The area is considered one of the more dicey part of towns, but everyone was nothing but friendly during our time there. To draw a comparison to Boston, it reminded me a lot of Mission Hill being next to Northeastern University.

The party was a full blown rager 4 Kegs and 200+ people. After talking to the guys who lived there, all Temple students, this is part of their weekly income. There were 3 bands playing including us; both of the other bands were excellent and made the evening a real blast.

It's funny how once you turn 21 years old, you always think of yourself as in that age range. Well, when you're hanging out with 18 year olds you start to realizing you're not a young buck anymore. The night was very inspiring. Meeting a bunch of great kids all eager to hear new underground music, really gives you a boost 10 days into being on the road.

The show itself was unique for us. Will wasn't using his sequencer because of the PA setup and Brent's amp blew out during the first song. While people were tracking down a replacement amp, we played some songs as a 3 piece; a very stripped down performance; but rockin' nonetheless.

We hung out into the wee hours of the morning with our new friends from the city of brotherly love and once again made our home on the street we performed on. After being woken up a few times from the rambunctious locals who had already jumped into the Budweiser at 8am and were knocking on our RV asking us if we were "open for business" or going to "pay rent" for parking on the street; all in good fun of course.

We decided to make our way into our home away from home; Wal Mart and start the day.

Here's a google street view of where we played/slept last night. Rock N' Roll



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