New Wave Blues - Reviewed by: Lore Music Group

1 year after the release of New Wave Blues, the album is still gaining momentum and being reviewed by all different types of publications. The latest is from Lore Music Group.

I would say this is one of the most thorough and all encompassing reviews of the album. They seemed to really understand what we were trying to do with the album; which is actually more gratifying than simply receiving a positive review. In this case we went two for two; which is the ultimate reward.

Here's are 2 excerpts from the review. You can read it in it's entirety at the Lore Music Group web site.

With their infectious melodies and catchy choruses, it is hard not to enjoy listening to [theWANDAS]. On their album, the appropriately titled New Wave Blues, The Wandas manage to create their own sound that successfully steers clear of becoming just another pop pick in what seems like an ever-growing landscape of cloned music.

This is not a band resting on its laurels and that is satisfied with getting by with simple pop. The Wandas take the risk of falling under their own weight on “Lose You” with its dramatic outro that pushes their sound to its max that if done incorrectly could have sounded like they were trying too hard, but it manages to work thanks to their laid back demeanor. This is what separates The Wandas from other pop/rock groups today and is an encouraging sign for future development.They are not in your face and pushing themselves on you as many of today’s other acts do. Instead, they have a subtle yet strong reach that lasts. 

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