'the WANDAS' selected as 1 of the best albums of 2011 by rslblog.com

Happy New Year all,

It's been a great 2011 and we're looking forward to keeping the momentum going into 2012. We're off to a good start as we're still getting some recognition off of our latest release; our self titled album.

Ryan's Smashing Life (rslblog.com) has selected "the WANDAS" as one of the best albums of 2011. Feel free to snag a digital copy, CD, or vinyl from the online store if you haven't grabbed yet.

Here's an excerpt from the review. You can read the entire article here:

ONE OF THE COUNTRY'S BEST LIVE SHOWS - The Wandas' long awaited self-titled record was released - and was immediately celebrated by fans who were clamoring for new material that more accurately reflected the band's often epic live shows. (Mission accomplished.)

You can read the entire article here:



theWANDAS partner with Lands' End Canvas for USA Tour!

We're pleased to announce that for our 2011 Fall U.S. Tour, we've partnered with Lands' End Canvas. You may be asking, "What does this mean?". Well, the short answer is that Lands' End Canvas will be helping us with our tour support budget and providing us with a new wardrobe in exchange we'll be providing them some concert footage and other content for their website.

The long story is that we're an independent band who has never been under the direction or support of a record label. All of the albums we've created and tours we've gone on have been funded by us or directly by our fans. Our producer, booking agent, publicist, etc all work directly with us; as opposed to being hired by a record label. It's a very rewarding experience to

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the WANDAS Featured in The Boston Phoenix

We sat down with The Boston Phoenix on a nice summer evening and Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square. We talked about touring, music, partying and near death road RV experiences. Here's an excerpt from the piece but you can read the rest on thephoenix.com.

"In a local music landscape littered with urban cowboys, secret agents, and noir circus troupes (as awesome as those bands may be), the Wandas' lack of gimmickry makes for counterintuitive conspicuousness."


You can read the rest on thephoenix.com.



the WANDAS Album Review: The Boston Herald: A-

There were some kind words from The Boston Herald this week. They reviewed the WANDAS' self titled album and gave it an A-. Here is a quote from the review or you can read the whole review on bostonherald.com.

"Constant touring has paid off for this Boston-based quartet, which has released one of 2011’s finest albums."

Read the whole review on bostonherald.com



the WANDAS featured in The Boston Globe

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Boston Globe correspondent Jonathan Perry on a late summer afternoon at Deep Ellum; one of our favorite local Boston bar and eateries. We chatted about touring, our band, music and life in general. The interview, which felt more like a few music afficianados comparing notes, was published in the Boston Globe this week and can be read in it's entirity here.

Here is an excerpt from the piece.

"With its lusciously melancholic and lushly layered (but, crucially, not overproduced) collection of pop songs that feel and sound like a balmy late summer breeze, “The Wandas’’ does a terrific job of staking the band’s claim of having arrived at long last."

You can read the rest here.




Paste Magazine Streaming the WANDAS new Album all week! [EXCLUSIVE]

Are you the type of person who wants to sample before you buy something? Well, you're in luck! One week from today our new Self Titled Album comes out. However, for the next week Paste Magazine will be streaming our new album in it's entirety. If you start listening now you can listen to the whole thing 234 times straight through before the week is over!

After that you can decide if you want to buy it or steal it or whatever the kids do these days. Enjoy!


You can pre-order the album in digital, CD, and vinyl format HERE



American Songwriter Magazine gives 'The Wandas' 4 STARS

Just shy of 1 week from the release date, American Songwriter Magazine had some kind words for the WANDAS' upcoming self titled release. Coming it at 4/5 Stars you can read an excerpt below or check out the whole article at American Songwriter Magazine's website.

 "The Boston based quartet’s dreamy pop-rock locks in on a mid-tempo groove and the organic sound captures the effortless strummy melodies and vocal harmonies that recall the days before slick production and too many overdubs robbed music of its magic."

 You can pre-order the album in digital, CD, and vinyl format HERE

Stream and download for FREE, the first two tracks off the new Self-Titled album below.

Do or Die (new!) by the WANDAS

Forever and Ever (new!) by the WANDAS

Guitar World Magazine names the WANDAS' upcoming album one of the "50 Best Albums of 2011"!

We're in some good company this afternoon. Along with Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, Foo Fighters and The Strokes, theWANDAS Upcoming Self-Titled Album was named one of the "50 Best Albums of The First Half of 2011"

You can view the whole list here. You can also Pre-Order the new album here. The album ships on or before August 30th, 2011. 

Guitar World Magazine's 50 Best Albums half way through 2011



the WANDAS featured on USA TODAY Blog & Podcast

The Wandas were included with some good company in this week's USA TODAY'S 'Pop Candy' podcast. A section of the publication dedicated to "unwrapping pop culture's hip and hidden treasures". Along with tracks from She & Him and Battles, our new tune Do or Die which is off of our upcoming self-titled album (pre-order here) due out Aug 30th, is featured in the podcast.

Here's what USA Today had to say about "Do or Die"

I can't get tired of this one -- and after the first chorus, I couldn't get tired of singing it, either. The Wandas may remind you a bit of early Wilco, although they hail from Boston. Look for the band's self-titled record Aug. 30. - Whitney Matheson - USA TODAY

You can stream the entire podcast below which features about 30 minutes of new music.

Pop Candy podcast: June 21, 2011 by popcandy




theWANDAS nominated for best emerging artist of 2010 by Deli Magazine

I was wondering if 2010 could have gone any better. Well it's 2011 and we're still getting recognized for 2010; pretty cool. 

We're honored to be nominated by Deli Magazine as best emerging artist in New England. The nomination process is done by a panel of industry people and the winner is decided by popular vote. 

Thanks for a great 2010. We're really excited for 2011!



TimeOut Boston Selects theWANDAS as Best Live Act of 2010

We're pleased to announce that TimeOut Boston selected theWANDAS as Best Live Act of 2010. Here is what they had to say below.

The Wandas spent the better part of 2010 touring the bejesus out of their third album, New Wave Blues. In the process, they caused a few bloggers’ jaws to hit the floor at South by Southwest and squashed the competition at WBRU’s Rock Hunt battle of the bands. The retro rock charms found on New Wave Blues should mollify anyone put off by the fact that none of these four dudes are actually named Wanda. The catchy and heartfelt “Thank You Note” exemplifies what a hit single should be, “Lose You” gushes lovelorn anguish, and “Please Come Home” proves that sounding like Neil Diamond isn’t necessarily something to be ashamed of. Still, it’s the Wandas stage show–which manages to be at once tight and bombastic–that has them topping our lists.- Barry Thompson - TimeOut Magazine.

You can read more about their picks at TimeOut Boston.

theWANDAS Nominated for Best Pop Act of 2010 by Boston Music Awards

We're honored to announce that theWANDAS have been nominated by the Boston Music Awards for best Pop Act of 2010. There are plenty of other great bands nominated for the BMAs. Some of our friends such as the Bodega Girls, Mean Creek, Stereo Telescope, Freezepop were also nominated to name a few. Congrats to everyone who was nominated. It's great to be part of an exciting and supportive music scene in our home town of Boston, MA. Looking forward to 2011.

CMJ 2010 - Recap

After spending many months cooped up in practice space working on new material, it was time to dust off the RV and take a mini tour to New York City for the week of the CMJ Music Marathon. Most commonly described as a smaller/Northeast version of Texas'South By Southwest, CMJ Music Marathon is a week of some of the best up and coming and established acts from around the world that gather in NYC for a week of shows, industry panels, and rock and roll debauchery.

Our week was anchored around our showcase at the Bowery Poetry Club on Friday evening. The night was extra special because also on the bill was one of our favorite Boston bands; The Honors. Aside from putting on a stellar set (as usual) The Honors came to our rescue when Brandon (singer/guitarist of The Honors) offered up his semi-hollow body axe to Keith mid-set after Keith broke a string. Thanks to Brandon's rock n roll instincts and lightening fast reaction time, our set didn't miss a beat.

The show was a great success. The venue was packed with eager concert goers looking to discover some new music along with some of our loyal NYC fans. Also in the audience, our pal Hilary Hughes  from the Boston-based publication The Weekly Dig who we haven't completely annoyed yet, because she still pops up at our shows across the country. "I go to Wandas shows knowing that I’ll get a consistently superlative set" - Hilary Hughes, The Weekly Dig.

theWANDAS CMJ 2010 - Beast of Northeast Photo Booth - Michael Basu

The theme of the week seemed to be friendship. Even in a city with 9 million people, within an hour of picking up our badges, we bumped into our buddies Ezra Huleatt (singer of Black Taxi) and comedian Ben Kronberg somewhere between Greenwich Village and The Lower East Side. Aside from the pleasant surprises we also went to see some of our favorite Boston groups,  Mean Creek, McAlister Drive and Bodega Girls; all putting on great sets. The week couldn't have come to a better climax when we saw back to back sets of our pals from the Montreal outfit The High Dials and NYC's own Akudama. A great ending to a great week. 




theWANDAS are the 2010 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt Champions!

Hello Wanda-Nation,

We are pleased to announce that out of the couple hundred bands who submitted to the 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt, there is one who can claim the title of the last band standing; theWANDAS!

theWANDAS at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel. Providence, RI. Photo Credit: WBRU

The journey through the semifinals in Fall River, MA to the Finals at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI was nothing short of amazing. We got to see/meet so many awesome bands in the New England area. Our sincerest tip of the cap to the other finalists who shared the stage with us; Keep Me Conscious, Santa Mamba, and You Scream I Scream. These 3 bands put on spectacular sets and could not have been nicer people. Anyone of these groups could have taken the crown, but the Rock Gods smiled on us that night.

Thanks to everyone who has been following the progression and made it out to the shows. The energy at the finals was really breathtaking and we couldn't appreciate it more.

If you live in the New England area or just want to stream it online, tune into 95.5 WBRU because you'll be hearing a lot more of theWANDAS on there!



theWANDAS SXSW 2010 - Showcase Reviewed

While we were down in Austin, TX for the South By Southwest Music Festival we played 4 showcases. Here is a review of one of our performances. There is an excerpt below but you can read the entire review HERE.

PROBABLY THE BEST LIVE SHOW WE SAW IN AUSTIN -Our St. Patrick's Day got set off with a bang thanks to The Wandas... We are proud to say this Boston act is suddenly (only with much hard work and extensive touring, of course,) one of the best bands in America. As it ended up, they were easily one of the best live shows we saw in Austin last week.

theWANDAS - SXSW 2010 - Photo Credit: 5342 StudiosRead the entire review at Ryan's Smashing Life

theWANDAS in The Boston Globe

How do you get a publication that is located 2 miles from your home to write about you? Travel 2,000 miles to Austin, TX!

theWANDAS being interviewed by The Boston Globe: SXSW 2010, Austin, TX. Photo Credit: Kyle Tancrell

We caught up with The Boston Globe down at SXSW at one of our shows. We snapped some photos and did a quick interview. Here's what the globe had to say about us. You can read the entire feature HERE

the Wandas also had a packed schedule, playing shows daily before loading up their 30-foot RV and heading north. The Wandas, whose sound is a dreamy lovechild of rock radio and your grandpa’s record collection, have spent most of 2009 and the early part of 2010 on the road. They have honed their set list down to a well-oiled, high-volume machine packed with 4/4 melodies and a ’50s rock feel. “Lose You’’ is an endearing moment in the live show of the Wandas, with singer Keith McEachern leaping from a croon to a howl in the matter of a measure. “The end of ‘Lose You’ tends to get the crowd going,’’ McEachern says. “That’s where I scream for five minutes. There are pictures on Facebook of me singing that song where you can practically see down into my stomach.’’

New Wave Blues - Reviewed by: Lore Music Group

1 year after the release of New Wave Blues, the album is still gaining momentum and being reviewed by all different types of publications. The latest is from Lore Music Group.

I would say this is one of the most thorough and all encompassing reviews of the album. They seemed to really understand what we were trying to do with the album; which is actually more gratifying than simply receiving a positive review. In this case we went two for two; which is the ultimate reward.

Here's are 2 excerpts from the review. You can read it in it's entirety at the Lore Music Group web site.

With their infectious melodies and catchy choruses, it is hard not to enjoy listening to [theWANDAS]. On their album, the appropriately titled New Wave Blues, The Wandas manage to create their own sound that successfully steers clear of becoming just another pop pick in what seems like an ever-growing landscape of cloned music.

This is not a band resting on its laurels and that is satisfied with getting by with simple pop. The Wandas take the risk of falling under their own weight on “Lose You” with its dramatic outro that pushes their sound to its max that if done incorrectly could have sounded like they were trying too hard, but it manages to work thanks to their laid back demeanor. This is what separates The Wandas from other pop/rock groups today and is an encouraging sign for future development.They are not in your face and pushing themselves on you as many of today’s other acts do. Instead, they have a subtle yet strong reach that lasts. 

As always you can download New Wave Blues and all of our other music using the "Pay What You Want" method from smirp.com, and from iTunes as well.



'New Wave Blues' Reviewed in - San Diego Entertainer Magazine

Heading into our U.S. Tour it's nice to get some press around the country. Mary Leary from San Diego Entertainer Magazine gave New Wave Blues a thorough listening and rave review. Here's and excerpt below. You can read the entire review here (it's the 3rd review down the page).

...the sudden energy of “Trepidation,” which is absolutely brilliant. It makes me want to go see these Cambridge-based young men live. It gets me excited about living even though I’m frustrated ‘cause I don’t have anything like the budget to run to Boston for a Wandas show, to see what kind of scene generated, and is supporting, this phenomenon.

theWANDAS will be performing live at The Ruby Room in San Diego, CA on November 5th.