It's Studio Time

Hey WANDAland,

It's an exciting time for us. We're heading Into the studio this Friday, July 25th to record our 3rd full length album and 4th studio release. We haven't recorded a full length album since "Can't Say Danger On The Radio" back in 2005-2006. With the success of our most recent release "You Should Have Listened [EP]" We'll be recording at Paper Cup Studios in Boston MA, with producer Patrick Krief (The Dears) again.

We'll be in there for 2 solid weeks and won't be coming up for air until we have a kick-ass album. All of the songs are written and ready to be tracked. I'm hoping to keep daily updates going on the web site.

When we get out of the studio we'll be playing a couple shows in Worcester MA and Boston MA, so check the Tour Page for up to date info.