Studio - Day 1

Alright here we go:

Keith and Pete spent the last two days in Montreal with Patrick, working out the songs together. The 3 of them arrived back in Boston last night. The full band and Patrick then went over 3 of the "less finished" tracks and finalized their structure. After practice we headed out on the town for our inaugural drinks of the recording session.

Today we headed to the studio around 1pm. First on the docket will be Pete's drums for one of the more upbeat songs on the album "Bending Over Backwards". It takes some time to start a recording session because you have to get "sounds" for each instrument. This means you combine the instrument, amps, room, microphones, etc to create a good sound, that is consistent throughout the recording.

90% of recording is waiting. Which is what Brent, Keith and I will be doing while Pete records his track. 

We'll be back online later.