Atlanta, GA

As we were approaching the south, we were hearing more and more about Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta. Several bands we had talked to, told us how great of a room it was. Tons of big bands have made their way though there as their careers have progressed; including David Bowie.

Not only were we playing a great room, but we were opening for a great band. The Duhks are an amazing band from Winnipeg Ontario, Canada. They have a bluegrass/afro-beat style that is energetic and contagious. 

Smith's Olde Bar - Atlanta - theWANDAS setup

We had an interesting situation occur when we played. Halfway through "The Lady" the power went out in the club. This was the second time this has happened to us in our career, however this was probably the last place I would have thought this would have happened. We've played at a lot of clubs with shoddy power where I was surprised we didn't blow out the power. This place had top notch sound, lights, stage, etc. so it was totally surprising. We just kept playing and the power kicked back in 3/4 of the way through the song and was received by a raucous round of applause from the crowd; which made us chuckle a bit. After that it was smooth sailing. There was someone in the crowd recording the show. Once we get the audio we'll probably throw it up online for everyone.

After the show we caught up with The Duhks and talked music/touring/life etc. They're a great band and a great group of people.

Sarah Dugas from the Duhks sporting her new WANDAS T Shirt

Looking forward to Nashville tomorrow night.